Short Q and A with Lincoln College Staff

Short Q and A with Lincoln College Staff

Posted by Karen Halliday on Aug 9, 2019 9:58:00 AM


 We spoke to Mark Care and Keeley Nicholson from Lincoln College about how Cognassist was working for them and the successes they’d had with our unique assessment and learning resources solution for learners with additional learning needs.

Q. Overall, what impact has Cognassist had on your organisation?

A. We’ve increased income into the College, by providing a structured approach to identifying and supporting additional learning needs, supported by the Cognassist system. This impact has been greatly enhanced by the appointment of our ALSC in January, which has been identified as an imperative to make the whole process work effectively.

Q. Has the ability to understand previously hidden learning needs had an impact on your learners?

A. The initial assessment tool has proven to be an effective process that identifies hidden needs, which also is proven to stand up to ESFA scrutiny.

Q. Do you have any specific examples of how Cognassist has positively impacted learners? Only limited numbers as below…

  • One learner explained that she has started to highlight certain key words when reading documents so that when she comes back to re-read it, she focuses more on them words and seems to remember what she has read easier and quicker.
  • Another learner explained that the conflict management resource has helped him deal with an issue at work better than he would have before watching the resource.
  • The last piece of feedback we have had is a learner who has downloaded Grammarly and found checking their grammar within their assignments easier.


You can find more in-depth interviews with staff and learners on the Resources section of this site here.

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