CognAssist and Central YMCA at Party Conferences

CognAssist and Central YMCA at Party Conferences

Posted by Karen Halliday on Oct 3, 2018 5:23:44 PM

CognAssist and Central YMCA at Party Conferences

Over the past two years, apprenticeship numbers have declined.

The Apprenticeship Levy, which was intended to raise apprenticeship numbers, appears to instead be raising concerns, whilst issues surrounding school careers advice and financial support for hard to reach potential learners persist.

Central YMCA and CognAssist decided something needed to be done. Fortunately, the annual political party conferences provided us with the perfect opportunity. Government ministers, sector influencers, MPs and policymakers from all political parties were therefore brought together to discuss our concerns at two dinners in Liverpool and Birmingham.

At the dinners, the group voiced concerns and urged the Government to:

  • Provide greater support for Level 2 skills provision to bolster the economy, workforce productivity and social mobility
  • Secure a guaranteed annual apprenticeship budget for non-levy paying SMEs who offer more L2 and L3 apprenticeships
  • Review and correct L2 apprenticeship framework funding rates which have been reduced without an equivalent replacement standard approved and in place for delivering apprenticeships
  • Introduce equal funding for the learning of Functional Skills for applied English and maths at the workplace
  • Offer a meaningful set of L2 pathways, along with robust standalone qualifications, for apprenticeships and as part of the introduction of T Levels

CognAssist CEO, Chris Quickfall said: “Learners with additional learning needs often struggle in the apprenticeships sector. We need people of all types to succeed for the country to stay competitive and to ensure equal chances for all. Providing opportunity for people with additional learning needs should be high on the Government agenda”.

Jointly, we hope that policymakers are able to remove the substantial barriers learners face to apprenticeships and are able to get the life-changing training we see benefiting thousands of learners every day.



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