Apprenticeships 4 England – The theme tune from ‘Jaws’ and our Chris Jones Top Three Tips

Apprenticeships 4 England – The theme tune from ‘Jaws’ and our Chris Jones Top Three Tips

Posted by Karen Halliday on Oct 12, 2018 3:21:48 PM

"Reasonable is not an impossible level to reach".

We attended the Apprenticeships 4 England event in Coventry earlier this week where we heard from a range of speakers across the sector including Rob Nitsch from the Institute for Apprenticeships and Chris Jones from Ofsted. Quirky highlight of the day was Chris walking on stage to the theme tune from the film ‘Jaws’. Amusing maybe, but is the prospect of an inspection proving scary for you? With additional resources available to Ofsted to undertake monitoring visits, are you prepared for your next inspection and what do you need to know? Here are the top three tips from Chris’ presentation:

  1. All apprentices should receive at least their full entitlement of work time devoted to good quality off-the-job learning.  Inspectors focus on quality and “Near enough is not good enough.” 
  2. All providers will be judged on progress – and the outcome is significant progress, reasonable progress or insufficient progress. Being prepared so you can show all apprentices are making good progress from their starting point is the key challenge and there’s no room for any provider to be naïve about what’s required. "Reasonable is not an impossible level to reach". How does your organisation accurately identify the starting point for every learner?
  3. The key judgement areas are around the quality of education. This means an effective initial assessment, appropriate curriculum and adequate recording of progress. Have you got enough tutors with the appropriate experience and expertise?

Are you doing enough to identify and support learners with additional learning needs? If you’re not, how will that impact on your next inspection? All learners need to be provided with good off the job training. In the best provision leaders and managers ensure that employers understand and fully meet the requirements of apprenticeship standards for on - and off-the-job training. They also provide high quality training that leads to positive outcomes for all apprentices. CognAssist can support your next inspection by identifying apprentices with ALN and then providing learning strategies that help them succeed.

Contact us for more details or for a demonstration of how CognAssist can support you to identify, support and fund your learners.

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